How to make your Gold Tincture

In my last post about Ficino’s Gift of the Magi, I suggested using gold tincture instead of gold leaf. This choice has more than one advantage. A tincture is easier to use, it is completely absorbed when you take the preparation internally, but above all it gives you the chance to add several precious layers […]

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Ritual knife

Aztec ritual knife, photographed at the British Museum on October, 30 – I’m the shadow on the right. The image links to the museum’s website page that describes the object and provides sharper – but less personal -images. The minute description of the materials is valuable, but the statement that this knife is too fragile […]

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Funerary offerings

Forget the nonsense of archaeology. Nobody ever believed that the corpses needed food. In any Tradition, funerary offerings are material supports for Rituals aimed to nourish the subtler bodies. You will find links to the sources of these images in this post in ArsMagnaProject Tumblr.

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Union in Tantra

The Magic of Tantra does not lie in the materials, and not even in the process, but in the Spirit that govern the process: first we establish a direct and deep relation with each and every ingredient, then we transfigure them into sacred substances, so that the meal becomes Ritual. There cannot be differences between […]

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Inspired by Scott Cunningham’s Wicca in the Kitchen, we offer a Left Hand Tantric way to turn every aspect of cooking and eating in magical means for spiritual evolution. From the quickest daily recipies to Sacred Offerings, from traditional cuisines to our personal contamination experiments: all about ingredients, procedures, history and mystic of Food and […]

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